Bitumen boxes

Cardboard coated with silicone on the inside works very well for the transport of Bitumen.
The bitumen boxes are delivered flat, but the folding technique is an easy and fast way to put up the bitumen boxes. After putting them up the liquid bitumen is filled in and hardens by cooling down. After the transport is finished and the box is opened again, the firm bitumen will come free of the siliconised cardboard. The silicone layer ensures perfect removal without any residue.

There are some advantages compared to the conventional transport version in barrels:

  • Transport volume when sending empty units is lower 
  • Barrels have to be cleaned or disposed of as hazardous waste, so bitumen boxes are more environmental-friendly
  • Bitumen boxes are cheaper
  • Removal of the firm bitumen is easier
  • Paper is a renewable resource



 How to handle the bitumen box is also presented on YouTube:





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